It’s the first single source Computed Tomography (CT) to truly break through the barriers of conventional CT.

By modifying every component of multislice CT, Siemens has created a completely new CT that intelligently adapts to virtually any patient and clinical need.

Adapts virtually to any patient, any organ or clinical need without compromise (pediatric, obese, cardiac, trauma).

Allows active dose management in 100% of examinations. By ensuring that only the clinically relevant dose is applied to the patient,we reduce the patient’s radiation exposure to the minimum.

 Allows full coverage of any organ in 4D and Real-time 3D image guidance in minimally invasive procedures. 4D spiral imaging enables  visualization and evaluation of complex vascular structures (aneurysm, vascular diseases and occlusion of the aortic vessels).

Using cutting-edge medical diagnostic imaging technologies , including the newest state-of-the-art 128 multislice SIEMENS SOMATOM Definition AS CT scanner with a much lower radiation dose, CMI is capable of providing a more accurate and detailed sub millimeter assessment for heart, stroke and cancer imaging.